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Wild Ambition
Photo Safari !

Wild Ambition Photo Safari
with Shari Meyr

Taswira Safaris

Safari Packing Suggestions

This seems like a lot, but fits into one medium pack or duffel plus a camera bag. Take "travel" sizes. Eliminate what you don't need. Don't forget your reading glasses or contact lenses if you wear them (daily disposables are most convenient). In-flight reading material (to be discarded later) is also nice to have. Remember, you are limited to 33 lbs on any in-country flights within Africa. More importantly, your bag should be "squishable" (such as a durable duffel). At the airports (especially going through customs) you will be hauling all your own baggage. Don't take anything you can't carry! Travelsmith is an excellent source for lightweight, reliable travel clothing and accessories.

Also see: What To Wear/Take On Your International Flight

Modify this list to suit your needs.
You will be happier if you travel as light as possible!


  • Passport and visas
  • International Vaccination Certificate
  • Airline tickets
  • Travelers checks
  • U.S. Dollars
  • Driver's license and/or other ID
  • Insurance cards
  • Polarized Sunglasses (With neck strap)
  • Tour documents
  • Luggage locks (preferably combination)
  • Luggage ID tags
  • Inexpensive alarm wristwatch


  • Pocket comb or brush
  • Daily disposable contact lenses (if worn)
  • Reading glasses (if worn)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss
  • Shampoo/conditioner
    (Sample packets are ideal!)
  • Facial cleanser/face soap
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Makeup (if worn) - unscented
  • Safety razor & cartridges
  • Anti-perspirant, unscented
  • Emery board
  • Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (unscented)
  • Sanitary products


  • Brimmed "safari" hat with chin strap - (Micato Safaris will provide)
  • Underwear (5 day supply - can hand wash)
  • Photo/Safari vest (bush vest)
    (Make good use of all those pockets!)
  • Casual jacket (with interior pockets)
    and slacks (wear departing U.S.)
  • 3 pr. khaki slacks, Supplex or cotton/poly
    (2 for the field, 1 for evening)
  • Optional shorts or convertible slacks
  • Belt (wear inflight)
  • 2 or 3 Supplex shirts, convertible-sleeved
  • 2 or 3 T-shirts (or buy in Africa!)
  • Nightgown or pajamas
  • 3 or 4 pr. socks (hand wash)
  • 2 casual, lightweight dresses - long (women)
  • Swimsuit & cover-up (No bikinis)
  • Lightweight hiking or walking shoes
    (Wear departing U.S. to save space)
  • Walking sandals
  • Shower shoes
  • Bandana or scarf (for dust)
  • Hooded sweatshirt (for cool mornings)

First Aid/Health

  • Insect repellant (at least 30% Deet)
  • Sunscreen lotion (high SPF)
  • Sunscreen lip balm/chapstick
  • Vitamins
  • Anti-malarial medication (prescription)
  • Band-Aids
  • Benadryl ointment
  • Tylenol or Aspirin
  • Allergy-Sinus medicine
  • Imodium AD
  • Dramamine tablets (Optional)

Optional Preferred Extras

  • Durable convertible neck wallet (Can wear across shoulder under vest or on belt)
  • Credit card (American Express, Visa or MasterCard)
  • Journal or diary & ink pens
  • Mini flashlight & batteries
  • Spare batteries for everything
  • Frequent flyer cards
  • Pocket Totes umbrella or packable raincoat
  • Kleenex Pocket Packs (several)
  • Disposable reading material (for in-flight)
  • Assorted heavy-duty Ziplock bags
    (For packing everything!)

Serious Photographers
But who want to travel light!

  • 35mm SLR camera w. 70-300mm zoom lens
  • Optional digital camera or camcorder
  • Lens hoods/shades, lens caps, filters
  • Comfortable neck strap (and spare)
  • Cleaning pen, solution, lens tissues
  • Blower brush
  • Extra batteries or charger, adapter & converter
  • Heavy-duty ziplock plastic bags for cameras/film
  • Camera bag, waistpack or daypack with rain cover
  • Camera manual
  • Film (200/400/800), average 3 36x rolls per day
  • Slower 50/100 film for landscape photography
  • Customs certification for photo gear

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