Safari 2000:    Tanzania

"Sometimes you find the courage to follow your heart to where it needs to be." - S. Meyr

Seen On Safari

October 11-26, 2000

Compiled by Dale Toweill

Locations are indicated as follows:
K- Kenya
A- Arusha National Park
T- Tarangire National Park
M- Lake Manyara National Park and Manyara Serena Lodge
S- Serengeti National Park
N- Ngorongoro Conservation Area, including The Plantation Lodge

1. Bush Squirrel- T
2. Warthog- K, A, T, M, S, N
3. Kirk's Dik-dik- A, T, S
4. Thomson's Gazelle- K, T, S, N
5. Grants Gazelle- T, S, N
6. Impala- T, M, S
7. Bohor Reedbuck- T, S
8. DaFassa Waterbuck- A, T, M, S, N
9. Bushbuck- A
10. Topi- S
11. Coke's Hartebeest- T, S
12. White-bearded Wildebeest- T, S, N
13. Eland- S, N
14. African Cape Buffalo- A, T, M, S, N
15. Burchell's Zebra- K, A, T, M, S, N
16. Rothschild's Giraffe- K
17. Maasai Giraffe- K, A, M, S
18. Elephant- T, M, S, N
19. Black Rhino- S, N
20. Rock Hyrax- T, S
21. Tree Hyrax- N
22. Hippo- A, S, N
23. Lion- T, S, N
24. Leopard- T, S
25. Cheetah- S, N
26. Serval- S
27. Hyena- S, N
28. Black-backed Jackal- T, S, N
29. Golden Jackal- N
30. Side-striped Jackal- N
31. Bat-eared Fox- S
32 Banded Mongoose- A, T, M, S
33. Slender Mongoose- T, M, S, N
34. Colobus monkey- A
35. Blue monkey- A, M, N
36. Vervet- T, S, N
37. Olive Baboon- K, A, T, M, S, N

BIRDS- In order of appearance in "The Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania" by Zimmerman et al.
1. Gull-billed Tern- N
2. Yellow-billed Stork- A, M
3. Saddle-billed Stork- T
4. Black Stork- T
5. Marabou Stork- K, T, S
6. Grey Crowned Crane- A, N
7. Glossy Ibis- N
8. Hadada Ibis- A
9. African Spoonbill- A, T
10. Sacred Ibis- A, T, N
11. Greater Flamingo- A, N
12. Lesser Flamingo- A, M, N
13. Goliath Heron- T
14. Grey Heron- A, M, S, N
15. Hamerkop- K
16. Squacco Heron- T
17. Black-crowned Night Heron- N
18. Great Egret- A
19. Yellow-billed Egret- A
20. Cattle Egret- A
21. Little Egret- N
22. Black Heron- M
23. Pink-backed Pelican- A, N
24. Long-tailed Cormorant- A
25. Great Cormorant- A
26. White-faced Whistling Duck- T
27. Fulvous Whistling Duck- T
28. Little Grebe- A, N
29. Egyptian Goose- A, T, M, S, N
30. Spur-winged Goose- A, T, M
31. Knob-billed Duck- T, M
32. Maccoa Dock- A
33. Hottentot Teal- T, S, N
34. Cape Teal- A, N
35. Yellow-billed Duck- N
36. Nortern Shoveler- N
37. Soutern Pochard- A
38. Tufted Duck- A
39. Water Thick-knee- S
40. Senegal Plover- N
41. Blacksmith Plover- A, T, S, N
42. Crowned Plover- T, S, N
43. Spur-winged Plover- T
44. Kentish Plover- M
45. Ringed Plover- N
46. Three-banded Plover- S
47. Little Stint- S
48. Ruff- S
49. Common Sandpiper- T, S, N
50. Spotted Redshank- A, S
51. Marsh Sandpiper- A
52. Black-winged Stilt- A, T, S, N
53. Pied Avocet- A
54. African Jacana- A, T, N
55. Common Moorhen- N
56. Harlequin Quail- S
57. Crested Francolin- T
58. Hildebrant's Francolin- M
59. Coqui Francolin- S
60. Scaly Francolin- A
61. Red-necked Spurfowl- T, S
62. Yellow-necked Spurfowl- T
63. Helmeted Guineafowl- K,A,T,M,S,N
64. White-bellied Bustard- S
65. Hartlaub's Bustard- N
66. Southern Ground Hornbill- T, S
67. Secretary Bird- K, T, S
68. Kori Bustard- S, N
69. Common Ostrich- K, T, S, N
70. Hooded Vulture- S
71. Ruppell's Griffon Vulture- S, N
72. White-backed Vulture- T, S, N
73. White-headed Vulture- S
74. Lappet-faced Vulture- S, N
75. Imperial Eagle- T
76. Tawny Eagle- T, S, N
77. Steppe Buzzard- N
78. Augur Buzzard- A, T, N
79. Martial Eagle- T
80. African Fish Eagle- A, T, M
81. Bateleur Eagle- T
82. Dark Chanting Goshawk- T
83. Pale Chanting Goshawk- T
84. African Marsh Harrier- S
85. Eurasian Marsh Harrier- S
86. Black Kite- K, N
87. Pallid Harrier- S
88. Montague's Harrier- S
89. Long-crested Eagle- A, T, M
90. Common Kestrel- A, S
91. Grey Kestrel- S
92. Brown Parrot- S
93. Fischer's Lovebird- T
94. Yellow-collared Lovebird- T
95. Black-faced Sandgrouse- T
96. Yellow-throated Sandgrouse- S
97. Laughing Dove- T, S
98. Ring-necked Dove- A, T, M, S, N
99. African Mourning Dove- T, S
100. Red-eyed Dove- K, A, S
101. Speckled Pigeon- T, M, N
102. Namaqua Dove- T
103. White-bellied Go-away Bird- K, S
104. Bare-faced Go-away Bird- S
105. Hartlaubs Turacao- A
106. Great Spotted Cuckoo- M
107. Thick-billed Cuckoo- T
108. White-browed Coucal- T, M
109. Verreaux's Eagle Owl- T
110. Pearl-spotted Owlet- T
111. Little Swift- S
112. Scarce Swift- A
113. African Palm Swift- T
114. Speckled Mousebird- A, T, M, S
115. Grey-headed Kingfisher- A, T
116. Pied Kingfisher- N
117. Little Bee-eater- T, M, S
118. Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater- T, N
119. Somali Bee-eater- A
120. White-throated Bee-eater- A
121. Lilac-breated Roller- T, S
122. Hoopoe- A
123. Von DerDecken's Hornbill- K, T
124. Red-billed Hornbill- A, S
125. Silvery-cheeked Hornbill- A, M
126. Spot-flanked Barbet- A, M
127. Red-and-Yellow Barbet- T
128. D'Arnaud's Barbet- M, S
129. Cardinal Woodpecker- A
130. Yellow-throated Longclaw- T
131. Yellow Wagtail- N
132. African Pied Wagtail- T, M
133. Somali Short-toed Lark- M
134. Flappet Lark- S
135. Fawn-colored Lark- A
136. Mosque Swallow- M
137. Wire-tailed Swallow- S
138. Barn Swallow- A
139. Common Yellow-vented Bulbul- K, A, M, S, N
140. Cabanis's Greenbul- T
141. Hildebrant's Starling- N
142. Superb Starling- T, S, N
143. Lesser Blue-eared Starling- S
144. Violet-backed Starling- S
145. Yellow-billed Ox-pecker- T
146. Red-billed Oxpecker- S
147. Red-winged Starling- K, M, N
148. Slender-billed Starling- K, A
149. Ashy Starling- T
150. African Golden Oriole- A
151. Fan-tailed Raven- N
152. Pied Crow- K, M
153. White-necked Raven- S, N
154. Drongo- T, S
155. Brown-crowned Tchagra- M
156. Slate-colored Boubou- T
157. Tropical Boubou- A, N
158. Sulphur-breasted Bush Shrike- A
159. Magpie Shrike- A, S, N
160. Long-tailed Fiscal- M, T
161. Gray-backed Fiscal- S
162. Common Fiscal- A, M, S
163. Northern White-crowned Shrike- T, S
164. Chin-spot Batis- N
165. African Grey Flycatcher- S
166. Ashy Flycatcher- M
167. White-eyed Slaty Flycatcher- A, N
168. Gambaga Flycatcher- T
169. African Paradise Flycatcher- M
170. Northern Black Flycatcher- S
171. Sooty Chat- T
172. Northern Anteater Chat- A, T
173. White-browed Scrub Robin- N
174. Spotted Morning Thrush- M
175. White-browed Robin Chat- A, N
176. Common Stonechat- A
177. Abyssinian Black Wheatear- M
178. Singing Cisticola- N
179. Winding Cisticola- T
179. Desert Cisticola- S
180. Buff-bellied Warbler- M
181. Tawny-flanked Prinia- M
182. Yellow White-eye- M, N
183. Bronze Sunbird- N
184. Golden-winged Sunbird- N
185. Tacazze Sunbird- A, N
186. Variable Sunbird- A, M, N
187. Marico Sunbird- S
188. Hunter's Sunbird- M
189. Amythyst Sunbird- M
191. Scarlet-chested Sunbird- N
192. Olive Sunbird- A
193. Beautiful Sunbird- N
194. Chesnut Sparrow- T, S
195. Rufous Sparrow- N
196. Grey-headed Sparrow- T, M
197. Speckle-fronted Weaver- S
198. Grey-capped Social Weaver- S
199. White-headed Buffalo Weaver-T
200. Red-collared Widowbird- N
201. Northern Red Bishop- N
202. Yellow Bishop- M
203. African Golden Weaver- M
204. Holub's Golden Weaver- N
205. Baglafecht Weaver- A, M
206. Black-necked Weaver- S
207. Speke's Weaver- K, A, N
208. Rufous-tailed Weaver- N
209. Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu- M
210. Southern Cordon-bleu- T
211. Purple Grenadier- S
212. Green-winged Pytilla- S
213. African Firefinch- M
214. African Citril- M
215. Yellow-fronted Canary- S
216. Yellow-rumped Seedeater- T, M
217. Streaky Seedeater- M
218. Stripe-breasted Seedeater- A

1. Nile Crocodile- S
2. Leopard Tortoise- K, A
3. Bullfrog- M
4. Red-headed Agama Lizard- T, S
5. Monitor Lizard- M, S
6. Skink- N
7. Gecko- A, S
8. Flap-necked Chameleon- N

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